Dlugozima Accused by Hastings of Welching on Bet

09.01.2015 · Posted in Poker news

Update: This story is largely based on Brian Hastings’s account of events. Paul Dlugozima initially failed to respond to comment, but now wishes to; his version of events will be forthcoming. Brian Hastings took to Twitter yesterday to accuse Paul Dlugozima of failing to make good on a bet the two had over Hastings’ ...

Some Hands from the Montreal Poker Expo – Pt. 1

09.01.2015 · Posted in Poker news

Although I busted pretty early into the $1100 Montreal Poker Expo Main Event at Playground Poker Club, I had some interesting hands along the way, some of which I’d like to share. These were all from the early levels, when stacks were deep, which of course lends itself to more creative play, particularly in ...

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